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The GhostStand is a scarily good stand for an Apple MacBook

If you have a 12-inch Apple MacBook, you might as well display it with style. One way to do so is with Twelve South’s GhostStand.

The $34.99 stand elevates the tiny laptop to a more comfortable viewing angle — around six inches off a desk. This makes it handy for pairing the MacBook with a keyboard and mouse if (unlike me) you use it as your main computer. 

The folks at Twelve South say the GhostStand makes it appear your laptop is levitating. That’s a bit of hyperbole, but it does facilitate a “lighter than air” atmosphere. Plus, its two sets of soft silicon rails will keep your MacBook from sliding off. 

However, when you’re ready to go (and you didn’t buy Apple’s tiniest laptop to leave it at the home or office, did you?), just unplug your power cable and any USB-C cords, then you’re on your way.

The GhostStand is easy to set up. It comes with two lucite pieces that you connect together to form the stand. It includes a soft material on the bottom so it wont’ scratch your desk.

Alas, you won’t be taking the GhostStand with you. Twelve South recommends you leave it assembled once you’ve put it together. It would also be nice if it were adjustable. But with its design, that may not be feasible. And the design is one of the big selling points of the GhostStand.

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