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The Field Tote is rugged, handsome — and manly

Hey, men, WaterField Designs’ US$119 Field Tote is a manly tote that’s rugged and handsome and manly and …

Well, okay, it’s basically a man purse. But — darn it! — it’s still manly. Made of waxed canvas and full grain, distressed leather, the Field Tote has the looks, size and features for guys to use professionally or casually. Though it only weighs one pound, you can pack a lot of gear into this baby when you’re hitting the road. It’s flexible enough that, when empty, can be folded and stuffed inside another bag such as a suitcase.

The leather handles are long enough to sling the Field Tote over your shoulder. Yet they’re short enough that you can carry the tote by your side without it dragging the ground. 

You can stow your MacBook or iPad in the Field Tote or stuff in your gym towels or magazines. There’s a quick access pouch, yet the WaterField bag — available in brown, burgundy or navy waxed canvas — has deep pockets to keep items stowed securely. 

While you may normally pack your gear carefully in a well organized fashion, if you’re in a hurry, the Field Tote’s top opening is big enough that you can cram in a lot of stuff quickly. Guys like that.

The Field Tote has all the qualities of the best of WaterField Designs’ products. Though not inexpensive, it’s durable, rugged, handsome and versatile (it reminds me of me!).

And did I mention it was manly?

Dennis Sellers
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