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The Codex is a handsome case for the MacBook Pro, but is limited

The Codex from Moshi is a TSA checkpoint-friendly carrying case that allows you to use your MacBook Pro without removing it from the case. That’s useful, but I find the designer carrying case a bit limiting.

The $85 Codex is lightweight with a soft, vegan leather exterior surface-treated with a weather-resistant coating. The inner shell is lined with Viscotex memory foam to cushion the Mac laptop from shocks and bumps. The Codex’s sleek wrap-around zipper makes it easy to pack and unpack the laptop quickly. And the clamshell design allows you to use your laptop and access all ports without removing it.

The Codex is great if you’re boarding an airplane, thanks to its TSA friendliness. Its also great for protecting your MacBook Pro when you’re carrying it around the house or office. However, the Codex 15 has no room for peripherals (not even a power supply). There’s also no way to attach a shoulder strap. 

These are deliberate features as Moshi designed the Codex 15 for carrying your laptop — and only your laptop — from place to place. However, if I’m leaving the house with my MacBook Pro, I’ll have it safely packed away in the fantastic Staad Attache case. It’s more expensive (very costly at $229), but it allows me to carry my power supply and other accessories — including an iPad. The extra space is worth the extra money, at least for me.

Apple World Today Rating (Out Of 5 Stars): ★★★★

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