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The Clyff is an excellent choice if you need/want a ‘minimalist’ wallet

As Apple Pay gains popularity, and loyalty cards and receipts can be accessed from smartphones, it may be time to downsize the typical wallet. WaterField Designs’ $39 Clyff Wallet is a minimalist, all-leather case ideal for carrying the remaining bare essentials: driver’s license, transit card and a few bills.

It fits easily into a front pocket in a “barely there” fashion, and its grizzly distressed leather develops a beautiful patina with use. The Clyff’s carefully-chosen leather withstands rugged use and just keeps getting better looking over time.

However, if you still have lots of bills, credit cards, and reward cards in your wallet, the WaterField case isn’t for you. It simply doesn’t have enough room to cram in lots of stuff.

That said, the Clyff — available in brown, blue, or black leather — is a fine secondary wallet should you have such a need. It has a slim pocket on each side, which holds about three cards each and a center pouch carries additional cards, some coins, or a few folded bills.

It also requires little or no cleaning. Part of the beauty of full-grain leather develops as it gets used over time. However, if you absolutely must clean it, use Mink Oil. This will darken a bit at first, but will keep the leather nice.

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★

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