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The Apple Car may be dead, but Apple has been granted a patent for a vehicle suspension system

FIG. 2 illustrates a suspension actuator which includes a hydraulically-driven piston and a variable pressure air spring.

Apple may have canceled its plans for an Apple Car, but the tech giant continues to be granted patents regarding vehicle design.  The latest (number US 119452879 B1) is for a “Motion Control System” — that is, a suspension system for a car.

About the patent

The patent involves a “fully-actuated suspension system” configured to be installed in a vehicle. A “suspension actuator” feature could communicate road condition information to at least one occupant of the vehicle. The patent also involves a suspension system, configured to be installed in a vehicle that connects and interacts with a braking system.

Summary of the patent

Here’s Apple’s abstract of the patent: “A motion control system is coupled to a first mass and a second mass and is configured to regulate motion of the first mass with respect to the second mass. The motion control system is configured to increase a contact area between the second mass and a surface on which the second mass rests by increasing a displacement of the motion control system from a neutral position in a direction toward the first mass.”

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