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Survey: when employees have a choice, they want Apple products

According to a new survey of 580 enterprise organizations worldwide by Jamf, when organizations give employees the freedom to choose their technology, they consistently choose Apple. Based on responses from 580 executives, managers and IT professionals, the survey revealed: 

  • Of those who have a mobile device choice program, 75% choose to use an iPhone or iPad over Android, and 72% choose Mac over PC. 
  • Seventy-seven percent would choose to stay at a company that offers technology choice or work at a company that offers a similar program.
  • Ninety percent of those with choice programs believe it should become a standard for all businesses.

When it comes to productivity, technology choice is king, according to Jamf. While enterprise employees stated a variety of benefits to working on their preferred device, 68% stated that technology choice made them more productive. Improved creativity (37%) and collaboration (35%) came in second, and 35% of respondents felt that using their device of choice made them proud of where they work. By having access to the technology they’re most familiar with, organizations are able to change the way employees both work and perceive an organization. 

BYOD [bring your own device] has been a buzzworthy term, but less than 25% of employees surveyed in 2018 want to bring their own device. As companies contemplate issuing devices directly to employees or leasing them as a service, consider the following: 74% of enterprise employees would prefer a company-issued device over a personally-owned device. Why? Because more than half of employees want to keep their business and personal life separate, according to Jamf. 

For enterprise organizations with more than 500 employees, the desire for technology choice is even stronger. Eighty-six percent of employees in organizations of this size indicated in the survey that the ability to work on their device of choice is important to them, with 50% stating choice is very to extremely important. 

Device choice has a significant impact on the likelihood an employee will choose to work at a company or stay at a company. Jamf found that 77% of employees that currently have a choice program in their organization would choose to work at 

a company, or choose to stay at that company that offers a similar program. In fact, 90% of employees surveyed that currently have a choice program in their organization see the value of it and believe it should become a standard for all businesses. 

Jamf offers Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV management solutions for small businesses, schools, and enterprise environment. More than 15,000 organizations currently replay on Jamf.

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