Thursday, February 29, 2024
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Survey: current iPhone users interested in the new camera, battery life of 2019 models

UserTesting, an on-demand human insights platform, reached out to iPhone and Android users across the U.S. to find out their reactions to the new features available on the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max and if they’re enough to entice a purchase.  Key findings from the study include: 

  • Current iPhone users are most interested with the new camera and battery life features of the new iPhones, while current Android users are most interested in the fast processor and the camera. 

  • iPhone users are least interested with the color options and sound enhancements. Android users are least interested with the color options, as well.

  • Fifth percent of respondents were prompted to buy the new iPhone, based on the unveiling. 

  • Sixty percent of respondents only plan to get the iPhone 11 if their current phone breaks; 30% when they are eligible for an upgrade; and 10% immediately without a compelling event.

  • Seventy-five of consumers believe that Apple takes into consideration the needs of their customers when designing new phones. This percentage includes users of both iPhone and Android. 

  • Forty percent of respondents say they would purchase the iPhone 11, 35% say they would purchase the iPhone 11 Pro Max and 25% would select the iPhone Pro.

Dennis Sellers
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