SurfacePad for iPhone 12 a great minimalist wallet case

It may especially appeal to Apple Pay users

Now that Apple Pay and other contactless payments are pretty much everywhere, some folks can leave home with just their iPhone and ID. Twelve South’s US$49.99 The SurfacePad for iPhone 12  is great for such folks and those who don’t need a bulky, super-protective case.

It’s an attractive, thin leather case/wallet that protects the front and rear of the smartphone, while providing sleep/wake functionality via a magnetized front cover.

The automatic wake/sleep function works when you open or close the front flap, which is very convenient. Also convenient is the face that the SurfacePad is is Qi charging compatible so it doesn’t have to be removed for using a wireless charger 

When it comes to design, the SurfacePad for iPhone 11 — available in black, cognac, and plum flavors — is a wallet case, hands-free stand, and removable shell all wrapped up in 

It has two pockets to hold your ID, cards and cash. That’s not enough to hold everything in my wallet (which, sadly, isn’t bulging with greenbacks), but they’ll be spacious enough for many folks’ needs. 

The card slot and wallet design prevents stretching and pilling, while the interior finish is resistant to dirt and dust. With slots inside the front cover, there’s no need to remove SurfacePad to access your cards or charge your phone. The inside of the SurfacePad is covered in a soft felt to ensure the smartphone has a cozy ride wherever you take it. And taking it anywhere is easy to do thanks to the case’s lightweight, slim design. Finally, the SurfacePad’s SurfaceGrip technology lets you attach and remove the case several times without leaving any sticky residue on the smartphone.

The SurfacePad was designed for folks who don’t want or need a bulky, ultra-protective iPhone 12 case. If you fall into that category, Twelve South’s latest product is worth your consideration.

Review overview


The Pros

  • Great for Apple Pay fans
  • looks great
  • MagSafe compatible

The Cons

  • Not very protective
  • may be too svelte for some users


9.3The new SurfacePad for iPhone 12 will fill the bill (pun intended) for iPhone 12/12 Pro uses who prefer their smartphone iPhone in next to nothing. And those who don’t want/need to carry a wallet.

Dennis Sellers
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