Saturday, December 2, 2023
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Supercharge Your Mac with MultiDock, On Sale Now

The Dock is one of the signature features of macOS, and one of the more useful tools. What if you could have multiple docks, loaded with apps, folders, and individual files? That’s the idea behind MultiDock, a utility that adds useful panels to your Mac desktop. We have one-year subscriptions to MultiDock available for $7.99 today, or you can get a lifetime of usefulness for just $19.99.

Stay true to Mac’s clean, minimalist desktop style. MultiDock is a simple application that allows you to organize frequently used applications, documents, and folders using small panels. With convenient features, MultiDock helps you optimize your Mac desktop and be more productive.

Perfect 5-star rating on MacUpdate: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  • Create an unlimited number of panels

  • Attach panels to the edges of the screen (left, bottom, right & top)

  • Floating/ movable panel mode for placement of panels anywhere on the screen

  • Adjust the size of the panel/icons for your personal preference

  • Light & dark theme

  • Display your running applications on the panel along with the ability to pin the application to the panel

  • Drag & drop to add any items to the panel

  • Drag & drop to change the order of icons in the Dock

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