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Summer heat making you wilt? The Nordic Hygge AirChill cools you down

Summer’s officially here, and the temperatures are starting to get uncomfortably hot. The Nordic Hygge AirChill ($69.99) is a compact and portable personal evaporative cooler that’s perfect for cooling you down on those hot, dry days.

Meet Nordic Hygge AirChill: the most advanced evaporative cooler. It’s a 4-in-1 solution that cools and humidifies the air, has a purifying filter, has LED lights with 7 colors to create a special atmosphere in your place. Best for hot dry summers at home or in the office. Despite it’s 7″ size, it’s twice more powerful than it’s closest competitors. It’s powered by a high-speed, 9-blade fan for steady wind and rapid cooling. It also has a simple LED touch screen for easy and accessible control. No app, no complicated tech. You can use it even at night. It’s almost silent and has 7 optional colors as backlight. The minimalistic Scandinavian design fits any work desk or home interior. 

  • Wide 60° angle power blow at 5 speeds

  • LED touch screen control for simple control

  • Low noise at 35dB for the most comfort during the night

  • Removable filter for clean breeze

  • High-speed, 9-blade fan for steady wind & quick chill

  • USB rechargeable & runs up to 4 hours

Even if the summer heat hasn’t hit you yet, this is the perfect opportunity to buy the Nordic Hygge AirChill at 29% off the usual price.

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