Study: people like targeted ads, but not how the data is sourced

A recent news story in Wired highlighted data from Flurry Metrics that 96% of iPhone users have opted out of app tracking in the latest iOS 14.5 update. This added onto new Apple and Google data privacy policies, the CCPA, and the fact that third party cookies are vanishing shows that consumers are now demanding data privacy.

According to Dr. Don Vaughn, Ph.D., head of Product at Invisibly, a company “working to fortify the future of personal data,” the problem is how the data is sourced. 

“Our survey results show that many people like targeted ads: they just don’t like where the data is coming from,” he says. “That’s why we’re working to reshape the industry to a 100% consumer-consented data model where people can choose what data of theirs is shared, and get paid for sharing it.”

You can see two nationwide surveys from Invisibly here where they tackle the issue of data privacy and consent: 

Survey #1 –

Survey #2 – 

Big tech has profited from your data for far too long without the direct consent of users for their data to be shared,” says Vaughn. “It’s time this changes and that companies opt for marketing and ad data that is 100% consumer-consented.”

Dennis Sellers
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