Study: most NFL fans don’t want Apple TV+ as the streaming home for ‘Sunday Ticket’

The Streamable, which “helps you find the best way to stream anything,” has published a study regarding what services fans would be most and least likely to subscribe to NFL’s Sunday Ticket on. The platform surveyed 5,018 NFL fans, 1,527 of which expressed a specific preference in the service that wins the bid.

Here are the overall key findings:

  • Despite being discussed as a frontrunner to win the bid, Apple TV+ is the last place fans want Sunday Ticket to be. It placed last for the service fans would be most and least likely to subscribe to Sunday Ticket on
  • Nearly two-thirds of NFL fans said they are most likely to subscribe to Sunday Ticket if it lands on one of two platforms: YouTube (35% of fans) or Amazon Prime Video (29% of fans)
  • More than twice as many fans prefer YouTube over Apple TV+ (122% more fans) and 80% more prefer Amazon Prime Video

By the way, “Sunday Ticket,” which has aired on DirecTV, is separate from a slew of licensing deals recently completed between the NFL, most major broadcast TV networks and Amazon. Acquiring it would certainly attract more eyeballs to Apple TV+.

Dennis Sellers
the authorDennis Sellers
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