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Study: iPhone will be the next smartphone purchase of 86% of US teens

The new Taking Stock With Teens survey by Piper Jaffray finds that 83% of teens own an iPhone whereas 86% of teens expect an iPhone to be their next phone. 

This compares to 84% who said, last spring, investment, that they planned to buy an Apple smartphone. The Taking Stock with Teens survey also found:

  • Teens claim they spend about $2,600 per year. 

  • Food is the No. 1 priority for males in terms of wallet share and No. 2 for females; Chick-fil-A is the No. 1 restaurant for three surveys.

  • Footwear is gaining in wallet share for female teens, while fashion accessories hits new survey lows.

  • Video games is one of the most notable share gainers in the survey at 14% of teen male spending vs. 11% multi-year average.

  • Athletic brands dominate teen preferences with Nike and Vans as the top two footwear brands.

  • Streetwear-brand Supreme fades; Off-White & European luxury brands gain; and “preppy” (Polo, Sperry, Vineyard Vines) loses share. 

  • Tarte is the No. 1 cosmetics brand, Neutrogena is the No. 1 skincare brand; 80% of teens say they get their beauty tips from influencers.

  • The favorite social platform is Snapchat but Instagram is cited as the most used; Facebook engagement flattens

The Piper Jaffray Taking Stock With Teens survey is a semi-annual research project that gathers input from thousands of teens with an average age of 16.3 years. Discretionary spending patterns, fashion trends, technology, and brand and media preferences are assessed through surveying a geographically diverse subset of high schools across the U.S. Since the project began in 2001, Piper Jaffray has surveyed over 170,000 teens and collected over 44 million data points on teen spending.

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