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Stay Cool This Summer with the EvaSMART 2: Smart Personal Air Conditioner

It’s finally starting to warm up in North America and Europe, so you might be thinking about a way to keep yourself cool while working or enjoying yourself. Today’s Apple World Today Deal is perfect for beating the heat — it’s the EvaSMART 2 Smart Personal Air Conditioner, and we have it on sale for just $199.

Pretty cool, huh? (Sorry, I couldn’t control myself) Anyway, the EvaSMART 2 is an efficient evaporative cooler that can be controlled using a number of methods — the built-in touch pad, an app, or several smart device platforms (sadly, it doesn’t appear to support HomeKit). Using just 12.5 W of power, EvaSMART 2 keeps you chilled, provides humidification, and even filters the air:

  • Easily fit inside your office, room, or anywhere else around your home

  • Integrate w/ your favorite smart home devices 

  • Control via the touch screen, app, or using your voice

  • Cool off while decreasing your power usage

  • Cool, humidify & clean your air using a single, compact device

Order today, and you should have your EvaSMART 2 by mid-June — just in time for the real beginning of Summer.

Steve Sande
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