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SSAAD protest Apple’s ‘lack of action’ regarding tech addiction

Stanford Students Against Addictive Devices (SSAAD) staged a protest on Saturday outside of the Apple Palo Alta (California) store on University Avenue. The student protesters said the tech giant isn’t taking adequate technology addiction, reports The Stanford Daily. They also demanded that the company adjust software features to mitigate users’ constant focus on their devices.

“We felt that this is the kind of change that a lot of consumers have to demand before Apple takes sustained action,” said Sanjay Kannan. “We did some research into how prevalent the problem was, and we realized that 50% of teens are addicted to their phones, and 69% of adults check their phone hourly.”

At the protest, SSAAD affiliates handed out fliers, which included a statement coauthored by members of SSAAD, listing their complaints and their demands for Apple.

The Sellers Research Group (that’s me) thinks tech addiction is indeed a problem. But, y’know, adults have to take some responsibility for their own actions.

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