SpeakMe: Text to Audio Transcription for Mac

SpeakMe Mac Text to Audio

Want to convert text to audio, in any language, and share it as a file? Look no further. SpeakMe ($4.99) is the only tool you’ll ever need. All you have to do is enter or copy/paste any text, and you’re ready to go. With automatic spoken-word tracking, you’ll be able to know which part is being read. SpeakMe automatically supports all of the languages your Mac supports.

You can also tweak the speech speed with SpeakMe. Slow down text in a foreign language to make it easier to understand, or speed it up to test yourself! You can also export directly to audio so you can not only listen to the text, but take it with you. 

AllMacWorld: “All in all, SpeakMe is an impressive application to turn all of your text into audio without putting in too much effort”

  • Easy to use; simply type or copy-paste the text
  • Automatic spoken-word tracking for guided reading/listening
  • Can be exported to audio
  • Adjustable speed to match your pace
  • Supports all the languages on your Mac

How SpeakMe Works

  1. Either type your text in, or copy-paste your favorite book
  2. Click Play. You can also change the speed or the accent to suit your taste
  3. If you want to export the result to an audio file, just click the small Export icon at the top right of SpeakMe
Steve Sande
the authorSteve Sande
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