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Space Black is the new Dark Blue: Another rumor gone bad

Don’t know about you, but I think the rumors about the upcoming iPhone 7 are getting out of hand. Just last week we heard that from the Japanese blog Macotakara that Apple was going to be making a “Deep Blue” version of the next-generation smartphone. Now they’ve backtracked, telling AppleInsider that it’s just a “much darker” version of space gray that is “close to black, though not quite black.”

Those quotes came from AppleInsider, which stated that Macotakara blogger Danbo had reached out with the new rumor. It sounds more like Danbo pulled this one out of his nether region. 

I’m offering this rumor up as further proof that the world has gone mad. Does it really make any difference what shade of gray a new iPhone is? It’s going to be a long summer, just full of junk like this. 


Steve Sande
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