South Korean court: Apple didn’t deliberately slow down iPhone performance

Image courtesy of TipRanks

A South Korean court has ruled that Apple didn’t deliberately slow down the performance of its iPhones, dismissing some 9,800 Korean smartphone buyers’ lawsuit for 2 billion won (about US$1.64 million) against the tech giant, reports The Korea Herald.

“The lawsuit is dismissed,” a court judge said, without elaborating as to the reason for the ruling. The ruling also indicated the plaintiffs are responsible for the entirety of attorneys’ fees.

The ruling comes five years after the group of electronics consumers in Korea filed the civil suit demanding damages of 200,000 won each. At the time it was considered the biggest collective legal action in Korea’s history, with some 64,000 plaintiffs initially), according to the Korea Herald.

The so-called “Batterygate” lawsuit claimed that Apple deliberately slowed down iPhones to compensate for erratic battery performance.

Dennis Sellers
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