Some iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Pro users experiencing Bluetooth connection issues

The iPhone now has 52.6% of Australia’s smartphone market.

Some iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro users have been experiencing ongoing Bluetooth connection issues that have persisted since the new devices launched, based on complaints on the Apple Support Community and the MacRumors forums — though I haven’t had any issues with mine.

Here are some posts on the Apple Support page: 

“I am having issues with bluetooth dropping the connection in my car and air pods pro since I upgraded my phone to iphone 15 PM and IOS 17.0.3. Any help would be greatly appreciated. this is my main phone and I can’t take the chance of having unstable IOS build on it. Any suggestions or better yet can apple just make something that works as it should for $1200 thanks!”

“I’m up to date on iOS 17.1.2 and still having Bluetooth issues.  It’s nearly impossible to use Bluetooth in my car at this point.”

“I‘m experiencing more issues if my MagSafe Wallet is attached to the phone (original Apple leather wallet on Spigen MagSafe Case) …. Is the Bluetooth antenna mounted at the back of the phone?”

According to MacRumors, the cause of the problem is unknown. Some people have been able to get their iPhones replaced, which has been the only way to solve the issue. Restarting, resetting, and other typical fixes have not worked for those who are having problems.

Dennis Sellers
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