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Skylink’s ATOMS Garage Door Opener boasts IFTTT compatibility

You’re putting together the ultimate smart home, but there’s just one piece you haven’t figured out yet — the garage door. Skylink today announced a $299 garage door opener that’s designed with compatibility with IFTTT in mind. While it’s not Apple HomeKit-compatible, the huge number of channels available on IFTTT means that you can work up some amazing “recipes” that can operate the Skylink ATOMS Garage Door Opener

Working through the SkylinkNet Internet Hub, IFTTT recipes can do some surprising things:

  • Open or close the ATOMS Garage Door Opener with geofencing
  • Control your ATOMS Garage Door Opener with the IFTTT iPhone or Apple Watch apps
  • If a Nest Protect CO detector is activated, open the garage door to improve ventilation
  • Turn a Philips Hue bulb yellow when the garage door is open

The possibilities are really quite impressive! Other features of the ATOMS Garage Door Opener include a build-in LED light for long-term illumination without the need to change light bulbs, a backup battery that can open the door in case of a power outage, a passcode-protected 3 button remote, a wireless LCD Wall Console, wireless infrared safety sensors, and a choice of chain or steel-reinforced below drive. 

The SkylinkNet app is available on the App Store for free, as is the IFTTT app. 

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