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Siri is now the most researched personal digital assistant

New data from SEMRush — as noted by Computerworld —shows that Apple’s Siri is now the most searched intelligent personal assistant, both globally and in the U.S. It also shows the sort of questions people are asking about all the assistants.

According to SEMRush — a website by and for SEO and IT specialists — the most popular questions people ask about Siri are what funny things it says, what it does, and how to get more out of it. That compares with the kinds of questions people are asking about other voice assistants:

  • People ask what Google Assistant is and how to switch it off.
  • The top three queries made about Cortana are basically three different ways of asking how to switch the feature of.
  • Users ask what Bixby is and how to turn it off.

When it comes to searching online for information about voice assistants, it’s only Amazon’s Alexa that seems to match Siri users focusing on “How to” questions.

“That’s all quite interesting, as it suggests that — despite the hype — many consumers remain relatively resistant to using these voice assistant systems, with only Apple’s and Amazon’s truly breaking through to the point that people seek information on how to make better use of them,” Jon Evans writes for Computerworld.

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