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Siri answered 75% of 800 questions correctly in smart speaker test

Loup Ventures tested four smart speakers by asking Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, and Cortana 800 questions each. Apple’s personal assistant shows big improvement over last year.

Google Assistant was able to answer 88% of the questions correctly vs. Siri at 75%, Alexa at 73%, and Cortana at 63%. Last year, Google Assistant was able to answer 81% correctly vs. Siri at 52%, Alexa at 64%, and Cortana at 56%.

Loup Ventures asked each smart speaker the same 800 questions, and they were graded on two metrics: 1. Did it understand what was said? 2. Did it deliver a correct response? The question set, designed to comprehensively test a smart speaker’s ability and utility, was broken into five categories. Testing was conducted on the second generation Amazon Echo, Google Home Mini, Apple HomePod, and Harman Kardon Invoke.

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