Setapp Launches Spotify Productivity Playlists for macOS, iOS users

Setapp, a subscription-based productivity service for macOS and iOS users by MacPaw, has launched productivity playlists on Spotify. 

Just like Setapp provides the right apps for users to get things done, curated productivity playlists by Setapp offer the best beats for every part of a work day, according to Mykola Savin, lead product manager of Setapp.

Today, June 20, is World Productivity Day, created to highlight the importance of being productive. The release of Productivity Playlists celebrates World Productivity Day and marks the culmination of Setapp’s “10 Weeks of Productivity” campaign featuring a series of content about staying productive.

Studies say listening to music has been shown to improve productivity, manage anxiety, and improve motivation. Setapp has curated a number of Spotify playlists to match the lifestyle of busy professionals and help them get more done. 

Makers of apps featured on Setapp also joined the initiative. Productivity playlists include music by a slew of international artists in many popular music genres including alternative, indie, pop, hip hop, dance, electronic, and rap.

Setapp works with over 180 independent app developers of solutions in the productivity sector. The Setapp team invited app makers to join the productivity playlists initiative by sharing the music which helps them build great products. At the moment, productivity playlists by Setapp also feature sets that inspire developers of TaskHeat, Yac, LoFi Garden, Ulysses, and CleanMyMac X.

At launch, Setapp offers eightproductivity playlists ranging from 15 minutes to 2 hours in length for renewed productivity with nothing interfering with their focus. New playlists will be added regularly by the Setapp team and app makers. You can set the mood of a working day with curated playlists:

– *Daily Standup,*

– *Deep Focus,*

– *Hard Code,*

– *Creative Inspiration* by TaskHeat,

– *Craft Your Pitch* by Yac,

– *LoFi Background for Work & Study* by LoFi Garden,

– *Productive Writing Mix* by Ulysses,

  • *Flash Recharge Break* by CleanMyMac X.
Dennis Sellers
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