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Serenitea is a great tea timer for iPhone and Apple Watch

Serenitiea ($0.99) is a simple, useful timer for iPhone and Apple Watch.

I don’t like coffee; I like tea. There, I said it. Feels kind of good to get that off my chest, actually. Down with coffee!

While the process of brewing tea is less persnickety than producing a proper cup of coffee, there are a few things to keep in mind. Each type of tea wants a specific water temperature, steeping time and water-to-leaf ratio. This is where a simple app like Serenitea helps.


Talk about a clean, straight-forward look. Serenitea’s main screen lists eight types of tea in a scrollable, legible list. The timing screen is just as pretty and clean, with a big ‘ol, can’t-miss-it timer and preparation suggestions.


At the bottom of the screen you’ll find the suggested leaf-to-water ratio and optimal water temperature. Tap either to change the unit of measurement between metric and imperial units. Once you’re ready to steep, simply tap the timer.

The countdown begins, which you can quickly reset if you need to. When it reaches zero, a notification will let you know that your tea is ready to drink.

On Apple Watch

There’s less information on the Watch but it’s actually more convenient. Launch the app and swipe to find the type of tea you’re making (ratio and temperature suggestions are missing), then tap to begin. As on the iPhone you can reset if you need to, and an alert will let you know when the steeping is done.


Tea is simple but wonderful, and so is Serenitea. It does exactly what it says it’ll do in a clean and efficient manner, with no superfluous bells or whistles. I highly recommend it.

Steve Sande
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