Sensible releases AirQ, a HomeKit-compatible ‘smart’ air conditioner

Sensibo’s AirQ “smart” air conditioner

Sensibo has released the US$149 AirQ, which it says is the world’s first smart air conditioner controller with a built-in air quality sensor. And it’s compatible with Apple’s HomeKit.

The company says the air conditioner allows you to manage your home’s climate and monitor indoor air quality, control your AC from your phone, save money on energy bills, and breathe safer air and increase indoor comfort.

The AirQ app notifies you when TVOC (total volatile organic compounds) levels are rising. TVOCs are chemicals found in everyday household products, including hair spray, surface cleaners, paints, newly installed cabinets and carpets. 

The AirQ communicates with other Sensibo devices when pollution is detected by activating your Shield protected AC fan or your Sensibo Pure air purifier to filter your air. It also works with any remote controlled air conditioner or heat pump. To set-up, you just connect to WiFi or Bluetooth, launch the app, place it on any flat surface, and connect to any remote controlled AC unit.

Dennis Sellers
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