Thursday, February 29, 2024
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Search Text Within PDF Documents With PDF Search for Mac: $8.50

Add a little AI power to your Mac and search the text embedded in PDF documents with our deal of the day: PDF Search for Mac. This app usually runs $39.99, but it’s on sale today for $9.99. Use the promo code MERRYSAVE15 at checkout and that price drops to $8.50.

PDF Search creates a revolutionary search experience for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. It enables you to find any information in seconds within thousands of documents using Artificial Intelligence. Instead of checking only what’s in front of you, it analyzes all pages separately and makes a relevance check for each of them according to given keywords. This check is similar to how a human checks documents. For example, a human is more interested in a page if it has a title containing keywords. PDF Search combines all these kinds of checks into a brand new artificial intelligence algorithm. Using this, it finds the most relevant pages instantly among thousands of documents. Have your best assistant at school, work, and researches with PDF Search.

  • Detect every page for keyword matches including all linguistic options

  • See the most relevant pages instantly without waiting to open documents one by one

  • Index documents w/ its own language characteristics

  • Export results as a new summarized PDF

Add some smarts to your Mac and your PDF filing system this holiday season!

Steve Sande
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