Screen protectors for the iPhone 15 may not be necessary, but they offer peace of mind

Screen protectors for the iPhone 15 may not be necessary, but they offer peace of mind, at least for me. And I have one on my iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Since the iPhone 13, Apple has equipped its smartphones with a Ceramic Shield front cover, claiming it’s “the biggest jump in durability ever on iPhone.” Still, I like to take every step possible to make sure my expensive smartphone is as protected as possible. Following are three screen protectors I’ve used and can recommend wholeheartedly.

ZAGG XTR3 (US$59.99)

The ZAGG XTR3 is part of ZAGG InvisibleShield line and is the company’s most technologically advanced screen protector. It’s made with what ZAGG calls “Hexiom impact technology.” The XTR3 provides edge-to-edge protection with Eyesafe RPF60 technology to filter blue light (435-440 nm). 


ZAGG’s anti-reflective technology decreases reflection, which helps increase the light transmitted to improve your screen’s clarity and make the images on your iPhone screen even brighter and vibrant. The XTR3 also has an anti-dust adhesive and an EZ Apply install tray. I really appreciate the latter as it helps even someone like me to apply the screen protector without those aggravating air bubbles.

UAG Glass Screen Protector Shield ($39.95)

UAG’s Glass Screen Protector Shield is made of double-strengthened tempered glass, which means it’s very tough. Thanks to its thin (0.33mm) design, it offers durable screen protection without adversely affecting the touch interface of the iPhone.

UAG Glass Screen Protector Shield

It’s nanometer anti-reflective coating minimizes glare, which makes it easier to view your iPhone 15 screen when in bright sunlight. The Glass Screen Protector Shield’s oleophobic coating repels natural skin oils, which helps reduce visible fingerprints. The UAG screen protector also includes a applicator and cleaning kit, though I found it a bit less easy to use than the one ZAGG provides. 

ESR Tempered-Glass Screen Protector Set ($37) 

ESR’s Tempered-Glass Screen Protector Set is unique (as far as I know anyway) in that it provides both a screen and lens protector. The screen protector itself is made of a sheet of ultratough tempered glass supposed capable of resisting up to 33 pounds of force, protecting against scratches and chips.

ESR Tempered-Glass Screen Protector Set

Like the UAG product, it has an oleophobic coating to reduce fingerprints and smudges. The ESR screen protector is made of clear glass, so doesn’t affect Face ID (though neither do the ZAGG and UAG products). And like the other two screen protectors I mentioned, its alignment frame and cleaning kit makes fitting the screen protector relatively easy and bubble-free.

What sets the ESR product apart is that it includes individual-lens protectors for the iPhone 15 camera lens. Protecting camera lenses while they are not in use is a good idea. And you can purchase the ESR Camera Lens Protectors separately for approximately US$16.

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