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Scare Off Thieves with Beepify Laptop Alarm

Spend a lot of time using your MacBook in a public place? If you leave the computer for just a minute — perhaps to get a drink of water in a library or to order another latte at your favorite coffee shop — the chances of it “walking away” in someone else’s hands multiply exponentially. Beepify is an app that plays a really loud and annoying alarm if someone tries to steal your Mac, and we have a lifetime subscription to the app for $39.99 (or get a one-year subscription for $19.99). 

Just activate Beepify with two simple clicks when you leave your computer, and it’s protected. If anyone closes the laptop screen, disconnects the charger, or does both, then Beepify beeps very loudly! 

This simple, but effective, app will also notify you via Facebook Messenger if an alarm is triggered. Beepify won the Product Hunt “Golden Kitty Award” in 2018 for Best Side Project, and it’s easy to see why.

Don’t use your Mac in a public place or leave it unattended in a hotel room unless it’s equipped with Beepify.

Steve Sande
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