Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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Satechi adds Type-C Headphone Jack Adapter and USB-C 100W Charging Cable to Type-C product line

Since USB Type-C first arrived on the scene a few years ago, Apple fans have always been able to count on accessory manufacturer Satechi to be one of the first companies to create new USB-C solutions. Today, Satechi announced two new accessories to make life easy for Mac and iOS users with new USB-C compatible devices. These accessories are the Type-C Headphone Jack Adapter ($24.99 on Satechi.net and Amazon.com) and the USB-C 100W Charging Cable ($19.99 on Satechi.net and Amazon.com).

The Type-C Headphone Jack Adapter is designed to let MacBook and iPad Pro users charge their USB-C devices while listening to music, TV shows or podcast. Housed in a sleek aluminum enclosure, the Jack Adapter provides clear audio and ensures that your devices are charged when you need them the most.

The USB-C 100W Charging Cable full supports Power Deliver (PD) and can handle data transfer rates of up to 480 Mbps, making it perfect for charging Type-C laptops like the MacBook range and tablets like the iPad Pro. It features a braided nylon cable to prevent against breakage, and comes with an integrated Velcro strap to keep the cables neatly tangle-free.

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