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Samsung tops Apple in the Most Talked About Offline lists of brands, but ….

In a recent analysis of more than 500 consumer brands in a variety of categories, Engagement Labs ranked the brands that are the most talked about in consumer conversations. The rankings, which are part of the company’s TotalSocial Brand Awards series, are based on the volume of conversation about the brand online (via social media) and offline (via face-to-face conversations).

Walmart clipped the top spot as the Most Talked About Brand offline. The largest beverage company in the world, Coca-Cola, earned the number two spot as Most Talked About Brand in offline conversations. 

Meanwhile, Samsung, which manufactures everything from smartphones to washing machines, comes in at number three among the Most Talked About offline brands. While Samsung beat out key rival Apple for the top three list, this is due mainly to branding decisions by the two companies. 

For example, Samsung uses the same brand name for all its products, while Apple has several sub brands like iPhone, iTunes, iPad, and Mac. If one were to add all the Apple-owned brands together, it would rise to number one on the list for volume of conversation.

Online, the Most Talked About brand was Fox News, which both won the ratings war in 2017 and found itself in the social media spotlight. Reflecting the dominant role of sports in consumer conversations, the NBA was number two and the NFL number three on the list for the most online conversations.

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