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Rumor: 2017 Apple Watch will sport micro LED technology

The second generation Apple Watch — which I’m expecting in September or October — will probably feature the same type of OLED display as the first generation. However, the third gen Apple smartwatch may pack micro LED technology.

According to DigiTimes — which, admittedly, has a spotty record with Apple predictions — Apple should have micro LED panels ready by the second half of 2017. The company bought LuxVue Technology, a micro LED developer LuxVue Technology in May 2014 and set up a laboratory in northern Taiwan specifically for R&D of new display technologies, the article adds.

Apple currently relies on third-party vendors for screens in its devices. If DigiTimes is right, that will change next year. As an owner of micro-LED technology, Apple can release new high-end products with a strong differentiation, while cutting the need to acquire screens from an OLED supplier. LuxVue’s technology offers a high-performance display for a low energy consumption, maximizing battery life and device usage.

Chances that this rumor is right (IMHO): 90%. I think that, this time, DigiTimes is right on the money. And, of course, the second generation Apple Watch image pictured is simply an interesting mock-up.

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