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Rogue Amoeba introduces Farrago, a powerful Mac soundboard app

Now here’s an app that is going to make a lot of podcasters very happy. Rogue Amoeba has just introduced Farrago, a $39 (introductory price, can try for free) soundboard app. What’s a soundboard app? Well, think of some of the old great radio disc jockeys, who would have a library of recorded sounds that they could throw in for humorous effect at any time. Farrago lets podcasters and others who use Macs for audio editing have a huge library of music, voice and sound effects available to play with just a click.

Each clip can be fully edited with fades, looped, and so on. Don’t want to click on a tile to play a clip? Each one can be set up with a keyboard shortcut for easy triggering. I love the way that Paul Kafasis and his crew at Rogue Amoeba have also made it easy to color-code the different sound clips for easy identification — or just making the soundboard look nice!

The app can be downloaded here for free to try out; after 20 plays of clips, the sound quality is degraded and you’ll need to purchase the app. It’s currently just $39, but will revert to the regular price of $49 soon.

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