Report: 1-in-4 subscribers plan to ditch Netflix this year (mainly due to increasing cost)

Reviews.org, a website that “tests the products and services that connect your home to your life,”surveyed 1,000 Americans to gauge their streaming habits in 2022 and found that 1-in-4 are planning to leave Netflix this year. Also, the report has (kinda) good news for Apple TV+.

Here are the highlights from the report:

° The average American is subscribed to four streaming platforms.

° With 1-in-4 subscribers planning to leave Netflix this year, that could be over 18 million US subscribers—and an estimated $272 million in lost subscriber revenue for the streaming company.

° Nearly two-thirds of respondents cited Netflix’s increasing cost as a reason for leaving. 

Reviews.org surveyed 1,000 Americans in August 2022 16 years and older with a +/- 4% margin of error and a confidence level of 95%. Respondents were asked about their streaming habits, streaming service subscriptions, and their feelings about Netflix in particular.

Of the respondents, 78% subscribe to Netflix; 46% to Disney+, 42% to HBO Max, 33% to Peacock, 26% to Hulu, 22% to Apple TV+, and 5% to Amazon Prime.

Dennis Sellers
the authorDennis Sellers
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