Reincubate Camo 1.3 Adds New Functionality

Reincubate Camo 1.3

I’ve been using the Reincubate Camo app for over a year now, and it’s amazing. What the app does is turn your iPhone into a super high resolution webcam, and it does it very well! The company has released Camo 1.3 to the App Store, making the app even more useful and spectacular.

If you’re not familiar with the app, you can download an ad-free functional version at no cost. It comes in two parts: Camo Studio for Mac (Universal) and the iPhone app. Fire up the Mac app, connect your iPhone and launch the app on it, and then adjust the settings to look your best during your next conference call.

Camo works with Zoom, Meet, Teams, Skype, Slack, Google Chrome, WebEx Teams and more. The app gives your video calls film-quality clarity, and adjustments include lighting, cropping, zooming, and focusing.

Reincubate Camo 1.3 New Features:

Camo now supports 10 languages in addition to English: Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. To conserve your iPhone’s battery, the screen is now automatically turned off when it is mounted and you’re using a rear camera. That setting is configurable in Camo Studio.

Reincubate also built in improvements allowing the app to run even if you deny it access to your microphones. Performance is improved, and version 1.3 builds the foundation for variable frame rate in the future.

Steve Sande
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