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Really, Huawei, you’re calling your new devices ‘MateBooks’?

Huawei has introduced a trio of new MateBooks laptops. Yep, that’s the name. One would almost think that Huawei wants folks to confuse their devices with “MacBooks.”

The MateBook X, MateBook E and MateBook D will begin shipping over the summer. They’re, respectively, a 13.1-inch laptop, a hybrid tablet/laptop device, and a 15.6-inch notebook. 

They may be good gadgets, they may not. But Huawei loses points for the name. And if they’re called MateBooks, they’re mates to what? Desktop systems? As in the Australian use of mate for a friend? If its the latter, that’s strange since Huawei is based in China.

And guess what colors they’re available in: Prestige Gold, Space Gray, and Rose Gold. Sound familiar?

Dennis Sellers
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