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Read up to 20% faster with BeeLine Reader and get a lifetime subscription for $29.99

For many knowledge workers, productivity depends on the ability to not only read through piles of reports, emails and studies, but understand those documents as well. BeeLine Reader uses a simple cognitive trick to let you read information in a web browser up to 20% faster simply by changing the color of text in a repeating manner. BeeLine Reader normally sells a lifetime subscription for $220, but today in the AWT Deals Shop we’re offering it for $29.99. Still not inexpensive enough? Use the promo code DOWNLOADIT at checkout and take another 25% off.

This speed reading tool applies an eye-guiding color gradient to your text, with the color at the end of one line matching perfectly with the beginning of the next. This helps your eyes quickly follow each line and snap to the next again and again.

  • Get through your emails, news stories, blog posts & Kindle ebooks up to 20% faster

  • Read faster & more comfortably without sacrificing reading comprehension

  • Easily read more material in Google Chrome or Firefox

  • Reduce line transition errors & spend less time reading the same material

This license allows you to use BeeLine Reader on one browser on one personally-owned computer. There’s no deadline for registering your browser, and you can reset your account registration up to once per year by contacting BeeLine Reader.

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