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Rain Design’s mBar pro+ is a handy accessory for those new MacBook Pros

Rain Design‘s $59.90 mBar pro+ is a worthwhile addition to an arsenal of accessories for a new MacBook Pro — as long as you’re using an external keyboard.

The mBar pro+ — available in space gray or silver — is a lightweight, minimalist aluminum stand for elevating laptops from three inches to 5.5 inches, putting it a comfortable eye level. It’s also foldable, which makes it portable at 0.3 pounds and 0.5 inches (when folded).

As I said, I recommend the mBar pro+ for use with an external keyboard. Using it while typing on a MacBook Pro keyboard is tricky because of the slant of the keyboard.

The mBar pro+ sports an aluminum unibody that’s anodized to match Mac laptops, so it’s a good aesthetic match. It also increases airflow around an Apple laptop for better cooling, which can extend battery life. And since those laptops ain’t cheap, anything that can keep ‘em running longer is a solid investment.

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★


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