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Quick & Tidy Device Charging with the BESTEK Mountable Power Strip

We all have a lot of devices that are hungry for power. Sadly, that usually means that we plug in an ugly power strip or two, then have “wall wart” power adapters and other cables dangling all over the place. BESTEK has the best idea we’ve seen lately: an attractive power cube that can be mounted on a wall, on top of or below a desk, and it powers it all with no mess or fuss. The BESTEK Mountable Power Strip is available today in the Apple World Today Deals Shop for $23.99, and it could be the answer to your power woes.

With the BESTEK Mountable Power Strip, you can:

  • Charge with three AC outlets on different sides of the cube

  • Have a pair of 2.4A USB power ports that identify devices intelligently and provide the perfect level of power for fast charging

  • Get access to one 3A USB Type-C port (note that your device cannot use more than 15W of power)

  • Have it all protected with overvoltage, short circuit, and over-current protection!

The innovative cube design of the BESTEK Mountable Power Strip provides maximum power in a small space. Get yours today! Remember, you can take an extra 10% off if this is your first purchase from the Apple World Today Deals Shop.

Steve Sande
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