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Protect your privates with DefenderPad for laptops

Do laptops and similar devices give off harmful radiation? Maybe. Some scientific evidence suggests that close exposure to laptop EMR emissions may cause a number of health concerns, particularly to young children who have less dense tissue and bone than adults. 

Laptops, especially those with Wi-Fi capabilities, emit electromagnatic radiation. Though the chances of getting cancer from using laptops on your lap is yet to be related to cancer as a cause by any of the studies so far, it is known that EMF radiation can cause fertility problems, cellular damage or DNA mutation, as well as create skin problems. So why take a chance?

If you use a laptop, chances are that it’s sitting in your lap — and next to some delicate body parts — for minutes, even hours, at a time. You’ll need a good lap desk, so might as well get one that’s custom built to block radiation.

That’s where the $99.99 DefenderPad comes in. It’s a fine replacement for lap desks, lap trays and laptop cooling pads. More importantly, it’s also designed as a shield against radiation and heat. There are other radiation protection pads out there, but this is apparently only one that blocks both RF and ELF radiation.

The DefenderPad — available in black and blue — was designed for laptops up to 17 inches in size; it measures 15.80 x 11 x 0.25 inches. The size is perfect for use at home or while traveling. Plus, the DefenderPad slips easily into most laptop cases and backpacks. 

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★

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