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Protect your MacBook with Toast’s customizable leather cover

My 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touchpad looks pretty good considering the number of times it’s been carried around, tossed into a bag, placed on a stand for video calls, and otherwise put to use. Recently I noticed a small scratch on the “lid” that made me realize that I needed some protection for the device, and fortunately Portland-based Toast came to my rescue. Today I’m looking at the company’s Leather MacBook Laptop Cover (US$99).


The Leather MacBook Laptop Cover is essentially a leather skin that sticks to the MacBook using a 3M adhesive that can be fully removed in the future. That skin comes in ten different finishes — I chose “Bluetini”, a deep bluegreen tint. 

Customizing the Leather MacBook Laptop Cover could be a chore for the indecisive! You start by telling Toast which MacBook model you’re using (the “A” number on the bottom), then choose the color, whether or not you want a bottom cover ($60), a trackpad surround ($30), a full cover or one that has a cutout for the Apple logo, and a custom design ($30) and/or text ($5). 

For myself, I decided to go with the Apple logo cutout and a bottom cover — may as well go for all the protection you can! Toast also makes wood covers, but I felt that the leather would age more gracefully. 


Full installation instructions are printed on the folder that protects the Toast cover in shipping. They provide an alcohol prep pad for cleaning the MacBook prior to installation; you then need to dry it with a clean cloth. 

The cover goes on first; for the covers without the Apple logo cutout, there are supposedly two small marks that align with the sides of the hinge on the MacBook. As it is, you expose half of the adhesive first and stick the cover to the MacBook, watching for proper alignment on the sides. Once that alignment is assured, you can remove the rest of the backing paper and finish putting the cover on. The bottom cover is installed in a similar way with the screw holes being used for alignment. You don’t need to worry about trapping air bubbles underneath the cover; Toast thoughtfully pokes hundreds of tiny holes in the backing to capture any air. 

The installation went smoothly, and the cover looks amazing! I especially like how the Apple logo shines through the leather.


Toast’s products appear to be very well made and I was happy with how easy the installation went. The customization options mean that anyone can have a truly unique MacBook cover. 

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★★

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