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Protect your iPad Pro & Smart Keyboard Folio with the DODOcase Smart Keyboard Folio Sleeve

I love my 2018 12.9-inch iPad Pro with the Apple Smart Keyboard Folio, as it’s fast, sleek and slender. I also worry about it, since dropping the thin combination could damage the iPad Pro or Smart Keyboard Folio beyond repair. Fortunately, DODOcase has come to the rescue with the new Smart Keyboard Folio Sleeve (starting at $74.95) in sizes that fit Apple’s products in both the 12.9-inch and 11-inch sizes.


DODOcase pioneered the “book look” cases for iPhone, iPad and MacBooks many years ago, using traditional bookbinding skills to create unique and stylish cases. Since the iPad Pro with an Apple Smart Keyboard Folio is already essentially “in a case”, the company needed to come up with a way of holding the device in a book-like sleeve that could protect the Apple gear and look good at the same time.

What they devised is a Tyvek T-shaped strap that holds the back (screen) part of the Apple Smart Keyboard Folio in place (assisted by magnets). It’s strong enough to hold the combined iPad Pro/Keyboard combo, and doesn’t require any straps that go across either screen or keyboard.

Once the sleeve is installed, you have a good looking book bound sleeve that protects both the iPad Pro and the Smart Keyboard Folio. There are a number of stock color combos that you can select — black charcoal, cardinal (red), dove grey (light grey)/indigo (blue), fog (medium grey), granite (dark grey)/merlot, green/gunny, and harbor blue (light blue). For an additional $9.95, you can get a black or gold foil monogram added to the sleeve.

Don’t like any of the combos? Well, DODOcase thought of that, too. Just go in to the “DODOmizer” to customize your own color choices, and you can end up with a sleeve that is completely unique to you.

Two other details: there’s a tiny elastic band that holds the Apple Pencil 2 in place for transit without disrupting either charging or pairing, and of course there’s the usual elastic closure to keep the entire sleeve closed.


If you’ve ever fought with a similar sleeve trying to get it installed or aligned with the iPad or keyboard, you’ll love the DODOcase Smart Keyboard Folio Sleeve. I was able to get it installed in less than 15 seconds, and it’s also easy to remove if you want for cleaning the iPad.

The Smart Keyboard Folio Sleeve adds just a tiny amount of weight to the iPad Pro and Smart Keyboard Folio, but the weight is worth it for the added protection. What I like about the sleeve is that it doesn’t look like tech gear — instead, it appears that you’re carrying around a nicely bound book when it is closed. This can keep your iPad Pro and keyboard safe if you need to step away from a public table for a minute to get a new cup of coffee…as the closed sleeve just looks like a book.

While I wouldn’t want to damage the beautiful Smart Keyboard Folio Sleeve, it’s certainly a lot less to worry about than breaking the iPad Pro or keyboard! That extra level of protection is very welcome.


DODOcase has come to the rescue of iPad Pro owners who want to use Apple’s excellent Smart Keyboard Folio, but also desire some additional protection for their devices. It’s a well-designed and implemented product that deserves the consideration of anyone who owns the 2018 iPad Pro and Smart Keyboard Folio.

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★★

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