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ProjectWizards is a ‘magical’ macOS tool for planning complex projects

ProjectWizards’ Merlin Project for macOS is a handy tool for planning complex projects.

Many actions in Merlin Project are now animated to help customers get a better understanding of what happens in Merlin Project. In addition, there is integration in macOS (Calendar, Contacts, and more), open interfaces to other Mac programs, and the possibility to import data from Microsoft software such as Excel and MS Project.

Another useful feature is the “report” view. With customizable reports, Merlin Project allows any time an overview of the utilization of staff, budget and the state of the project progress.

If you plan complex projects, you won’t get far with a simple list of tasks. Good planning raises questions about the dependencies of activities on each other, the impact of delays on the project completion date, and budget planning. Here, a spreadsheet quickly runs up against its limitations. These are the answers the Merlin Project provides users with to plan and implement projects with just a few mouse clicks.

Project Merlin boasts a sleek design. A texture dims the background to bring the important content to the fore and the application has been optimized for resolution independent

ProjectWizards is represented on all major social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Google and LinkedIN.

Merlin Project requires macOS 10.9.5 or later. It costs $289 for new users.E A demo is available for download. 

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★

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