Privacy changes from Apple, Google restrict ad attribution, but ….

A new report, Digital Advertising: Emerging Trends, Key Opportunities & Market Forecasts 2022-2026, finds that while privacy changes from Apple and Google are restricting the potential for effective ad attribution, there are still major opportunities.

The report from Juniper Research says that the availability of the SKAdNetwork on iOS, for example, is a major opportunity for advertisers to access aggregated data. It allows them to target areas primed for growth, such as child-safe applications.  

SKAdNetwork is a class that validates advertisement-driven app installations. It’s designed to help advertisers measure the success of ad campaigns while maintaining user privacy. 

The Juniper Research study found that global digital advertising spend will increase from US$407 billion in 2022 to $753 billion in 2026; representing growth of 85%. The report found that mobile in-app revenue will account for 56% of global spend by 2026, according to the research group. 

Juniper predicts that total mobile in-app advertising spend will increase from $201 billion in 2022 to $425 billion in 2026, as brands strive to secure consumer trust. The research group urges enterprises “to clearly outline their data collection, storage, and usage policies, in order to optimize opt-ins.”

Dennis Sellers
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