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Powerstation wireless XL is great if you need wireless charging everywhere

Mophie’s US$99.99 powerstation wireless X — available now at,, and, soon, in Apple retail stores — will be a must-have accessory for many iPhone users who travel a lot. 

It’s a 10,000mAh portable battery with wireless charging that works with Qi-enabled devices such as the iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and iPhone X. It also packs a fast charge USB-C input and output port, and a Lightning input, so you can quickly charge an iPhone and other Apple devices on-the-go. Using both the USB-C port and wireless charging surface, two devices can be charged simultaneously.

The folks at ZAGG say the powerstation wireless X provides an Apple smartphone with up to 55 hours of run time. After using it for more than a week, I’d say that claim is pretty accurate.

The 10W USB-A output port allows you to charge one compatible wired device or wearable while your Qi-enabled smartphone charges wirelessly. For wireless charging, just place your smartphone atop of the powerstation wireless XL, and push the button to wirelessly deliver up to 5W of power to your device. Phone users can get up to a 50% battery charge in about 30 minutes. 

When the powerstation wireless XL is plugged into a power source (such as a 5V/2.1.A wall socket), it will send power to any device that it’s wirelessly charging first (like your iPhone) before recharging itself. This requires a wall charger.) 

The USB-C PD port delivers up to 18W output. The integrated four-light LED power indicator displays charging status and the current battery life, so you always know how much power you have left.

The powerstation wireless XL is fairly portable. It measures 2.72 x 5 x 0.79 inches and weighs just over a half pound. 

If your iPhone is making it just fine throughout the day without running out of juice, you may not need the powerstation wireless XL. However, if the battery is running low before you get home from work, or if you want an easy device for recharging your smartphone and other devices while traveling for work or on vacation, the Mophie product is certainly worth a look. Especially if you’re one of those folks looking to be able to use wireless charging anywhere.

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★

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