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Potential EU law would require streamers like Apple TV+ to feature at least 30% European content

In an attempt to level the playing field for European content creators, EU lawmakers are proposing legislation that would require streaming services like Apple TV+ and Netflix to feature 30% European content or face a European Union customer block, reports AppleInsider.

The bill, known as the General Scheme of the Online Safety and Media Regulation Bill. In broad terms, the proposed Bill seeks to provide for:

  • The establishment of a multi-person Media Commission, including an Online Safety Commissioner;

  • The dissolution of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland and the assignment of all the present functions of the Authority to the Media Commission;

  • The transposition of the revised Audiovisual Media Services Directive, including those provisions of the Directive relating to the regulation of video sharing platform services;

  • The establishment of a framework for the regulation of online safety to address the proliferation of harmful online content to be administered by an Online Safety Commissioner;

  • The provision to the Media Commission of appropriate compliance and sanction powers, including the power to seek the imposition of administrative financial sanctions;

  • A requirement for video on-demand to register with the Media Commission to allow an up-to-date list of such services to be maintained;

  • An obligation for video on-demand services to meet a quota of 30% European Works and ensure the prominence of such content in their catalogues;

  • An obligation for professional video on-demand services which provide news and current affairs content to meet the same journalistic standards as required by television broadcasters.

AppleInsider notes that, if passed, streaming giants such as Netflix, Apple TV+, and Disney+ would likely need to scramble to procure enough content to meet the minimum requirement or shut down in the EU.

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