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PLA5236 is a flexible Powerline AC900 Wireless Extender

Zyxel’s PLA5236 1000 Mbps Powerline AC900 Wireless Extender is a useful product for extending a wired or wireless network since it supports both Powerline and Wireless AC technologies. It offers high-speed connectivity via Wireless AC at speeds up to 867 Mbps and to Ethernet devices via two Gigabit Ethernet ports (and a maximum range of 300 meters over a power line.)

For my household, the PLA5236 — which costs about $100 — is used to provide wireless connectivity in locations throughout the ol’ homestead where the signal from the router is weak. However, others will find its Gigabit Ethernet ports great for connecting console games, set-top boxes, and more. 

It’s relatively easy to get the PLA5236 Powerline Wi-Fi extender up and running by using the Easy Setup app that’s available for iOS and Android devices. You don’t have to deal with any complicated IP network setups.

The app is basically an animated manual that guides you step-by-step through installation. Three one-click options of Wi-Fi settings help you find the correct SSID/password without having to type any complicated or lengthy combinations. The Zyxel ONE Connect App gives users control of their entire home network, whether to setup a temporary guest Wi-Fi, activate parental control, or configure all connected devices at the same time. It also allows you to monitor the Zyxel network.

You can plug in a Zyxel PLA5236 1000 Mbps Powerline AC600 Wireless Extender and connect another Powerline Ethernet adapter to your Internet gateway or router. This utilizes a home or office’s existing power outlets to transfer high-speed data from the Internet gateway or router to any location throughout the home or office. You can access two Gigabit Ethernet ports anywhere there’s a power outlet. 

When its comes to wireless modes, the PLA5236 offers three modes to support different scenarios: “Range Mode” to maximize coverage area, “Speed Mode” to maximize data speeds, and “Mix Mode” to provide a balance of both speed and range.

The PLA5236 is designed with two amplified antennas. It delivers wired speeds up to 1,000 Mbps to Ethernet-enabled devices such as video game consoles, Blu-ray players, networked set-top boxes, and smart TVs over the HomePlug AV2 Powerline network. HomePlug AV2 technology delivers about 20% faster speed than previous HomePlug AV models, making it ideal for 4K video streaming and gaming.

Powerline adapters work in pairs. Zyxel recommends the combination of PLA5236 with PLA5206 v2, a 1000 Mbps Powerline 2-port Gigabit Ethernet Adapter.

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