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Pioneer adds “Hey, Siri” support to Rayz and Rayz Plus Lightning-connected earphones

Not everybody uses Apple’s AirPods or Lightning EarPods. For example, Pioneer’s Rayz and Rayz Plus earphones connect to iOS devices through the Lightning port, allow for charging from a Lightning adapter, and offer active noise cancellation, so they’re a very popular model of smart earphones. Today, Pioneer announced that the Rayz line received an update that provides support for “Hey, Siri” and more.

With the “Hey, Siri” support, the Rayz earphones now let users initiate calls, send messages, listen to music and more, all without touching an iPhone or the headphone controls. The update also includes new native language support (Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish), improvements to the AutoPause feature, and a SmartMute update.

The AutoPause feature automatically pauses music or. video playback when the earphones are removed, then starts it back up when the buds are back in your ears. With the SmartMute update, the Rayz microphones go on mute when you stop speaking, then automatically unmute when you begin speaking again.  

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