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PhoneSoap Go is a new smartphone charger that also sanitizes the device

PhoneSoap, the company that makes a smartphone charger that cleans and sanitizes the device while it charges, has launched the portable version of its device – PhoneSoap Go. 

The battery-powered PhoneSoap Go purportedly has the power to disinfect a smartphone 45 times and/or charge it up to four times on a single charge. It can also sanitize anything that fits inside its sanitation bay, such as keys, credit cards or earbuds. 

You can pack the PhoneSoap Go in its carrying case and take it with you. According to the folks at PhoneSoap, it uses germicidal UV-C lights to kill 99.99% of the germs living on a phone, without the use of harmful heat or chemicals.

To sanitize a phone, lock the screen and place it in the sanitizing bay. Close the lid and touch the lightning bolt on top of the unit to begin the sanitation cycle. To charge the PhoneSoap Go, plug the accompanying power cord into the back of the product and plug the USB end of the power cord into a USB power adapter. Once it’s plugged into an outlet, it will begin re-charging. 

The PhoneSoap Go is available now in Indigo for $99.95, plus an additional 20% off when using the code Travel20, at

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