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Perhaps in time Apple will produce inexpensive home servers

Forget Computers offers a Robot Cloud Starter Kit for US$99 per year that allows you to “secure and organize all your Apple devices in the cloud” to “to deliver automated device inventory and online alerts.” This is an interesting idea; however, as I’ve said many times, I really don’t like the idea of keeping all of my personal information — including technology details — in the cloud. 

My solution would be to have a home server or server farm of Mac minis that can host software like this. Maybe we purchase it, or maybe we subscribe to the software, but it would be on our machines and under our control.

Obviously, not everything should be stored on the home server because it becomes less useful. A good example of this would be health information that may be needed in emergencies. A health professional wouldn’t have access to it on my home server.

Perhaps in time Apple will produce inexpensive home servers. Though the current Mac mini server is inexpensive, it’s still too complex for the average home user. Apple needs to put their expertise to work in making server software and a server ecosystem that can be used as sort of a plug-and-play approach.

Dennis Sellers
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