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Pegatron willing to make iPhones, iPads in the U.S. if Apple will pick up the tab

Pegatron Corp., one of the two Taiwanese companies that assemble iPhones and iPads, is willing to move that part of its operations to the U.S. if Apple will absorb the additional costs, reports Focus Taiwan.

Pegatron CEO Liao Syh-jang was responding to questions raised at an investor conference about the company’s plans for its assembly plants in light of the comments by U.S. President Donald Trump that American brands should keep their production on home soil.

“As long as there is demand, whether the clients are American or Chinese, Pegatron already has its production lines in place,” Liao said. “If Trump institutes his Made in America proposal, it will be fine for Pegatron as long the client is willing to absorb the costs.”

There’s a lot of debate about whether Trump can bring manufacturing, let alone manufacturing jobs, back to the US of a. Robots and automation have also taken some of the jobs. Experts say it’s going to take more than a “buy American” promotional campaign to make it to happen.

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